Friday, July 31, 2015

OnLine Workshop~ LifeStory~ Creating Handmade Inspirational Polymer Clay Tiles

 New On Line Workshop
This is such a beautiful way to add inspiration into your daily life by creating these  wonderful polymer  clay tiles and creating wall hangings, furniture tops ,framed pieces etc! 
So glad you have you have joined me and let's get started!

~Supply List~

Assorted  packages /colors of Sculpey III polymer clay ( that's my favorite but use whatever you enjoy) 2-3 pkgs will make a small plaque, larger projects will need 3-5 on up.
Assorted stamps~ rubber works best but any stamps will work
Pigments Powders for applying to finished pieces
Toaster oven ( I have a "demoted" one I use just for polymer, you can sometimes find them at yard sales ,second hand stores too)
Clay roller or something like a small rolling pin to roll out clay
Deck of cards ( we will use this for the thickness of the clay)
Wax paper
 Several  pieces of card stock
Gel pens ( gold, black, white- I use Signo Uni ball)
Acrylic Paints
Glitter glue
Glass beads- size 6 or 11
Assorted "jewels" and misc jewelry items to imbed in clay
Weldbond Adhesive ( I get mine at Michaels)
Polymer sealer 

Optional- shaped cut outs( squares)
Shaping tools for the clay

I have decided to start the workshop on the 7th as I only have several people signed up now.. so  Im hoping to get some more people signed up by then for the workshop.
Thanks for joining us!!

On the day the workshop begins I will be e-mailing you all a password to use on this page where the  links are posted to have access to the workshop videos. You will all be able to view at your own pace and have 1 year to do so.
I hope you have a fabulous creative adventure with this new online workshop!

**Workshop Is Now Open!!**

You can access the videos through these links . The password is being sent to you in your e-mail. I hope you enjoy week 1 and be creatively CRAZY!! Have fun!!
 Also I will be moving the camera so you can get some better views of the up close detail work on the tiles.. With some of the applications of the pigments powders even though I was just brushing them on, the angle wasn't conducive to seeing me do it.
Week 1
Part 1
Part 2 
Part 3

Week 2

Week 3


  1. I cannot wait Sherri, thank you.

  2. Hello when I click on the link I get a Vimeo message saying "sorry no videos found" can you help at all ? Thank you. Emma

  3. HI Emma~ Are you registered with Vimeo? You may have to do that first, did you copy and paste the password? Sometimes you have to manually put it in I have found. You may have to check with vimeo as on my end everything seems to be where it is suppose to be. Let me know how you make out!

  4. Hi Sherri, I'm unable to access them also and I'm registered. Doesn't even give me a place to enter the password. The link takes me right in....

  5. Waiting for my password......can't wait !

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  7. Meme is Marian DeBold =

  8. I have now taken the videos out of the album and you can access the videos through each individual links~ Let me know if you have any problems! Enjoy girls!

  9. Yay it's working, thank you. Time to play now!

  10. Yay...can access as 3 now. Thanks Sherri.

  11. Week 3 is now posted! Have fun and Enjoy:)

  12. The link to Week 1, Video 3, is missing. :(

  13. Not sure what happened but it is working now..:)