Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Gypsy Wrap Bracelet Workshop

~Gypsy Wrap Bracelet On Line Workshop~

WELCOME to my NEW online workshop "Gypsy Wrap Bracelets"! In this workshop you will create these beautiful one of a kind wraps and adding your own touch to make them yours! We will be using hand dyed Sari Silk , Chiffon Silk  and reclaimed  Sari Silk for the main component in our designs. Adding layers of glass seed beads, crystals, silver plated or pewter beads / charms and many other fun adornments! I will offer you a handful of variations on the main design as well!  I will be offering Sari Silk on my website also at
These lovely bracelets are wonderfully light to wear, very Bohemian and very fun!! I will be posting the links  for the workshops here and will e-mail you each the password on April 1st. 
This workshop will be open until Oct 1st so have fun and enjoy!!

~Supply List~ ( per bracelet)

Sari Silk ( 3 ribbons at 3 yd lengths each per bracelet)
 2-2 1/2 yds of 1mm leather string
 6mm Glass seed beads- several colors
Glass roundell beads or other large hole beads -2
Large hole metal beads- 2
Crystals beads-  6mm-6-8
Small spacer beads-4 mm- 12- 20
Metal focal beads- 6-8 mm- 6
Hypo Cement

I now have Sari and Chiffon Silk available on my website ~ you have a choice between 2 ribbon Cards ( 3 yds each) and 3 ribbon Cards ( 3 yds each) These are the same ribbons that I use and  each card is color coordinated . Each card will make one bracelet~ depending on if you want 2 or 3 ribbons for your bracelet~ that is the card you would choose.

I do have a handful of companies that I enjoy working with but also do an ongoing search always looking for new and unique charms, beads and focals! -Beads, focals,seed beads,crystals,charms Beads, focals,  charms,seed beads, leather, crystals, Sari Silk, lots of goodies! beads, charms. focals,seed beads,crystals,leather,inspirational metal tag charms,Sari Silk Beads, seed beads,leather,inspirational metal tags,focals,charms LOTS of goodies.. everything you could ever imagine for jewelry making!
These handful of links should give you a great start to finding wonderful jewelry findings!

Have fun and ENJOY!!


  1. Now Available ~ Reclaimed Sari and Chiffon Silk Ribbon for your bracelets! See link above.

  2. Hi Sherri,

    Just a question about the number of videos. I have four which are great, but I don't have one that shows how to finish off the bracelet (tying all four pieces together or braiding or what method works best for you) and I was also wondering if you add one or two beads to the other two sari pieces. Thanks - can hardly wait to start beading. Erin

  3. Hi Erin~ Sorry somehow I didn't get this message in my in box but we did e-mail back and forth about this and answered your question about the video and yes I have added beads on the other sari silk ribbons but found that I add so much to the one that it gets kind of over whelming adding them to the others. But by all means do what you enjoy!!